AWS WorkSpaces is a Virtual Desktop Business Solution

By utilizing services and applications native to AWS alongside the tools you’re used to we can create a truly rounded remote desktop that you can access from any device, anywhere. With a range of options for OS, CPU, Memory, etc and the ability to focus on Performance, Value, Power or Graphics. We can build a custom solution to suit your business needs.

At the core of our WorkSpace Solutions we use the following services;

Workspaces Plus bundle

Desktop, security, office apps, etc


Emails solution that integrates seamlessly with Workspaces and Outlook.


File sharing and management, can be used to upload, download and share docs but unlike other file sharing solutions WorkDocs accounts are own by the individual using them, nobody (including coworkers) can see something you haven’t specifically shared with them.

AWS Directory

This takes the place of an Active Directory server, and maintains a directory of all staff, employees, contacts and users. We can also integrate with an existing Active Directory system.

Optional solutions are varied, from Amazon Chime for conference calls and IM to a number of software options in the AWS marketplace. There are even more possibilities with the ability to install software and Bring Your Own License.

Although it can be used as a standalone VDI solution, WorkSpaces also benefits from being within the AWS infrastructure and so you are able to integrate deploy with other business systems hosted in the AWS cloud.

We are a certified AWS Consulting Partner

Our status means we’re able to calculate and recommend the most efficient solutions available, and provide a full range of services to support your digital transformation and business operations.

I have worked with Ayaz and the Secure IT team for the past 5 years and can’t recommend them highly enough. They deliver world class Cloud Consulting and Professional Services.

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