Azure Multicloud

For many organizations, having all cloud resources across multiple regions and availability zones at a single provider gives adequate resilience. Customers may want to consider a multi-cloud strategy to mitigate against the possibility of a global outage at their current cloud provider. They may also have applications which rely on specific features of one cloud provider, or there may be licensing reasons for hosting some applications in certain providers.

Depending on the use case, we can work with customers to draw up a solid multi-cloud strategy.

Use Cases

Disaster Recovery:

If customers are engaging in a multi-cloud strategy primarily for disaster recovery purposes, then we can work on a solution which will allow a pilot light infrastructure to be maintained, and draw on vendor-specific solutions such as CloudFormation and AutoScaling to provide a failover pathway for disasterrecovery scenarios. We can also help with active-active deployments.

Azure Consulting

I have worked with Ayaz and the Secure IT team for the past 5 years and can’t recommend them highly enough. They deliver world class Cloud Consulting and Professional Services.

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