Cloud Consulting

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Blue sky thinking drives our cloud consulting

Speed, scale, savings. Just some of the benefits the cloud brings to businesses. But with almost as many cloud services providers as there are clouds in the sky, who can you trust to deliver the results you need? After all, not every provider can be the best or most innovative, despite what they all seem to claim!

Get an unbiased view on cloud providers

The solution is to seek an unbiased opinion and expert insights from the cloud consulting team here at SecureIT Consult. We’re vendor-agnostic, so we’re not on the payroll of any cloud provider. Yes, we have partnerships with selected cloud providers, but ultimately, we’re only interested in helping you solve your cloud-based challenges in the most effective way possible, using the best solutions.

The Benefits Of Partnering With SecureIT Cloud Consultants

You probably don’t need us to extol the many virtues of migrating to the cloud—such as the streamlining of your business processes and IT resources, the reduction of risk to data, and the improvement to operational efficiencies, to name but a few.

You’re likely to be here because you’ve made the decision to utilise the cloud and are looking to partner up with consultants who’ll make the process as stress-free, impactful, and transformative as possible.

You’re in the right place.

Our experts can ensure speedier and safer adoption of cloud technology. We have specialist knowledge of cloud platforms and applications and can quickly assess which will benefit your business most.


Our 4-step approach to cloud consultancy

We design the best cloud solution by following:



We need to know where your business is at to plan how to get to where it needs to be. We can do this by discretely integrating with your teams to build our understanding.



We’ll use our skills and expertise to create a roadmap the swiftly and securely shows how we see your digital transformation panning out.


Now’s the time for words on a screen to become actions in the real world as we execute the plan and carry out the migration or other project work. We’ll expertly weave cloud solutions into the existing fabric of your business, with minimal fuss and maximum impact.



Once the change has been actioned, our experts ensure your new cloud-based applications enable your business to continue to operate smoothly and benefit to the fullest extent from the cost and efficiency savings you’re looking for from the cloud.

Cloud Consultancy Services

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Cloud strategy
We’ll choose the best cloud service providers to help you achieve your business aims and ambitions

TCO modelling
Let us calculate the direct and indirect costs to your business of adopting a cloud-based approach

Architecture design
We’ll clearly demonstrate how the cloud provides the best solutions to your business problems.

DevOps strategy

Rely on us to demonstrate the power of dev ops to speed up processes and software delivery through automation and infrastructure transformation

Security audit
How well prepared and defended is your business if hackers or cyber baddies choose your business as their next target? Our consultants will assess your current security provisions, stage a real-world test to reveal what’s working and which elements of your security provision need beefing-up.

Ransomware protection
The threats are increasing in both regularity and sophistication. Let us help ensure your business is prepared to prevent these damaging attacks causing financial and reputational losses.

Design a cloud-first architecture

Assess your readiness for cloud migration

Develop roadmaps and timetables for cloud migration, based on your current readiness

Help implement a wide range of cloud projects