Migrating AWS to Azure

Migrating infrastructure between cloud providers can be a complex process. Organisations tend to stick with their existing provider unless there is a compelling reason to change.

There can be many reasons why businesses change provider such as data consolidation, compliance and contract renewals however the main reason why business consider the move from AWS to Azure are cost, and the increased pace of innovation and new features and current compatibility / familiarity with the proposed provider.

If you already have on-premises Microsoft virtual machines, it is possible to reuse Microsoft licenses using Azure Hybrid Benefit. Together with a migration from AWS to Azure and reutilising on-premises licensing, your business could save up to 43.3%. These costs could be raised to 80% by making use of reserved instances.

Azure Consulting

I have worked with Ayaz and the Secure IT team for the past 5 years and can’t recommend them highly enough. They deliver world class Cloud Consulting and Professional Services.

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