You can be sure our Azure expertise
will benefit your business.

It’s likely your business already relies on Microsoft technology in one way or another. And as more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is emerging as the go-to computing platform for a wide range of cloud services including:





Handy, then, that the SecureIT Consult team are experts at helping businesses maximise the impact of their Microsoft cloud investment.

The lure of Azure

If you’re thinking about migrating some or all of your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure, you’re in good company. Research reveals that close to 85% of Fortune 500 businesses are currently using a Microsoft cloud. And there are on average 120,000 new subscriptions to Azure taken out every month. Sounds like something you should be a part of.

We’re ready to help you benefit from Azure

Whether you’re new to Azure or in the midst of building a multi-cloud environment on dedicated servers, SaaS platforms, or on a private cloud, our technology solutions can help you implement all major areas of the Windows Azure platform.

From strategy to operations, our team of dedicated Microsoft Azure specialists will help you implement solutions and speed-up the on-boarding of the cloud. Our aim is to ensure you get the kind of return on investment that will keep your finance department happy.

Stay safe and secure with Azure

‘Secure’ is part of our name because it’s in our DNA. Security is likely to be a top agenda point when you discuss migrating to Microsoft Azure, and quite rightly. It’s why all the services we provide have security and compliance at their heart, so you get the peace of mind of knowing your business is benefiting from a robust, internet-based, efficiency-improving alternative to the hardware infrastructures of old.

A business born in the time of the cloud

Here at SecureIT Consult, we’re cloud natives. Our business has been built around the cloud, and is designed to meet your Microsoft cloud and other technology needs speedily and securely. Put bluntly, we’re more agile and more cloud-focused than older organisations who are likely to be slowly shifting their clunky operations to the cloud to try and keep up with changing times. We’re ahead of the curve and ready to help you.

Already Started With Microsoft Azure?

Migration is a major challenge in itself, made much easier with our support of course. But it’s also our aim to ensure Azure delivers maximum benefits to your business. Whatever business goals you’re expecting the cloud to help you meet, we’ll develop a methodology to get you there, utilising the speed and efficiency that’s the trademark of Azure.

Using Azure for storage, recovery, and back-up

You’ve likely heard of Azure’s prowess as a storage solution. We can show you just how impressive it is. Azure can reduce costs and boost efficiencies if your business uses big file sharing and archiving apps that give you instant access to historical data.

Our areas of Microsoft Azure expertise

PROCESSING via Windows Azure Compute Services
Get ultra flexible processing power for all your web or app-based services

Benefit from cloud-based SQL Server services

STORAGE – via Windows Azure Storage
Get secure and structured storage solutions covering Queue, Blob, and Table storage

CONNECTIVITY – via Windows Azure AppFabric
See the difference cloud-based middleware can have on developing both on-premise and in the cloud connected systems

E-COMMERCE  – via Windows Azure Marketplace
A focal point for buying cloud-based applications and data

Need even more advanced Azure solutions?

Our high-quality consulting and delivery services can use Azure to address specific, complex solution areas:

  • Windows Server and SQL Server migration
  • Linux and open-source database migration
  • SAP on Azure
  • Kubernetes on Azure
  • Web application modernisation
  • Data warehouse migration
Azure Consulting

I have worked with Ayaz and the Secure IT team for the past 5 years and can’t recommend them highly enough. They deliver world class Cloud Consulting and Professional Services.

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We’re ready to bring the benefits of our Microsoft Cloud Consulting expertise to bear on your processes, services, and bottom line.