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Adopting Zero Trust in the SOC – A Practical Guide

6 May 2024

Adopting Zero Trust in the SOC – A Practical Guide

The purview of the SOC has traditionally been focused on the perimeter, yet perimeter-centric strategies for security don’t work anymore. The location of security infrastructure and systems extends beyond the traditional network perimeter to the public/private cloud and to every connected device or endpoint. Each of these requires some level of visibility and control over respective activity and behaviour to prevent compromises and breaches. With the advent of embedded systems, IoT, and (nearly) ubiquitous wireless connectivity, our collective attack surface knows no bounds. As such, our trust decisions need to be re-evaluated to secure modern enterprise ecosystems.

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Generally speaking, Zero Trust relies on strict and continuous verification and validation for every person, device, or entity attempting to access network resources. The primary goal is to prevent successful breaches or corruption of data, applications, and business-critical systems from attacks and exploits. The principles in Zero Trust are designed to reduce exposure and unauthorized access across the threat landscape. They’ve been thoughtfully developed to address the security of critical applications and sensitive data across an enterprise organization. These principles can easily become a part of any security strategy.

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