Virtualisation Consultants

SITC provides a wide array of Virtualisation Consultants’ services – regardless of where you are in your virtualisation journey, we can assist across the project timeline, whatever the project may be! From containerised workloads in Kubernetes structures to virtualised storage solutions we have the expertise for you!

Our consultants can run optimisation analysis & service research and consultancy for your ongoing virtualisation, or create proof of concepts, assessment and planning support, to deployment and integrations! Your one-stop shop for all things virtualisation, SITC!

Virtualisation Consultants for Citrix

With our Citrix Virtualisation Services, we provide the setup, migration, and up-front virtualisation for your Citrix Virtual Desktop – meaning you don’t have to do anything other than begin using your new virtual setup! We have you covered for everything across Citrix’ solution portfolio, from Citrix DaaS to VDI.

Our professional services at SITC include virtualisation consultancy and services for Citrix; capable of migrating data and applications into the Virtual, in order to take advantage of agility and efficiency available to Virtual Environments, enabling performance levels for your IT Assets that you would never have thought possible.


Virtualisation Consultants for VMWare

At SITC we provide Virtualisation Consultancy and services for VMWare, migrating your applications and data to Virtual Environments to take advantage of the efficiency and agility present in Virtual Technology, enabling your IT Assets to hit new levels of performance you would never believe. From VMSphere™ to VMware Tanzu & VMCrossCloud™, SITC has you covered, for all you need!

We have virtualisation services that will allow a single server to support the use of a multitude of software, applications, and systems, and we deliver in a highly effective manner.

Operational flexibility and significantly improved resource management, while removing location restrictions, and decreasing risks to live systems.

Virtualisation with SITC

We can provide you with the Virtualisation Services that you need, in order to make your next step in technology – we offer virtualisation all-in-one, from product to installation and set up so all you have to do is make sure that you are partnering with us.

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