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Certified Instructors

Across the entire IT Industry, from Cloud Computing to Cybersecurity, to Awareness Training and Certified Instructor-led courses on essential aspects of Digital business. We offer Certified Instructors across a huge variety of vendors of all shapes and sizes, in a multitude of sectors.

Our certified Instructors can provide expert-level training for major & niche vendor technologies, from AWS to Nutanix, VMware & Citrix, down to Veeam and WireShark. If there is technology to learn and training required, SecureIT offers everything you need, where you need it, when you need it.


Need a Certified Instructor?

Certified Instructors with Added Value.

We utilise a worldwide network of certified instructors. The professionals we offer are certified to the highest vendor standards. Most importantly, some instructors have practical hands-on experience, which they bring to the classroom. We ONLY use CERTIFIED or AUTHORISED Instructors. Each of our instructors is certified by their respective entity to deliver courses on the topics they specialise in. We can provide various quality indicators, such as transcripts/certification details for instructors, and are provided at all times. Past history of scores, feedback, etc. to ensure that you are matched up with the best instructor for your needs.

We also offer Remote Delivery on-site at client classrooms, for the best possible delivery in the best possible place for your courses.


We have a Global pool of Certified Instructors!

Certified Instructors across a HUGE range of IT Industry solutions - from Major down to Niche vendors, we have the instructors you need.


Amazon Authorised Instructors (AAI)

google cloud services

Google Cloud Platform Authorised Trainers

Azure Logo

Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT)

paloalto logo

Palo Alto Networks Authorised Instructors


Certified EC Council Instructors (CEI)


VMWare Certified Instructors (VCI)


Citrix Certified Instructors (CCI)

ISC2 logo

(ISC)2 Authorised Instructors


Cisco Certified Systems/Academy Instructors (CCSI/CCAI)

google cloud services

Splunk Certified instructors

Azure Logo

Sophos Certified Trainers

Checkpoint logo

Checkpoint Certified Instructors

Tableau Logo

Tableau Certified Trainers


CompTIA Certified Technical Trainers (CTT+)


Forcepoint Certified Technology Instructors (FCTI)

Trend Micro

Trend Micro Certified Trainers


IBM Certified Instructors

Juniper Logo

Juniper Networks Certified Instructors (JNCI)


Wireshark Certified Trainers


Python Certified Trainers

Azure Logo

NetApp Authorised Instructors (NAI)

Checkpoint logo

Veeam Certified Trainers (VMCT)

F5 Logo

F5 Certified Instructors

Many More

Six Sigma Certified Trainers (SSCT)


ISACA Certified Instructors


Nutanix Certified Instructors

Azure Logo

Red Hat Certified Trainers

Checkpoint logo

Ruckus Certified Instructors

F5 Logo

Oracle Certified Instructors

F5 Logo

Mulesoft Certified Instructors


IREB Certified Trainers


Veritas Certified Trainers


Fortinet Certified Trainers


FinOps Certified Instructors


And Many More!

Any Language, Anywhere?

We provide Certified Instructors around the Globe.

We can offer hundreds of instructors, across a HUGE range of vendors – with more than 200 Instructors available for Microsoft alone, and 50+ in Amazon Web Services, there are more than enough fish in the sea. Any vendor course, any language you need, we can provide the right instructor(s) for you.

Our Instructors have many years of teaching experience and are certified to the relevant vendor certification requirements, and we offer instructors across various sectors of the IT industry & technologies. Our Instructors are globally based, including countries throughout:


  • UK & Europe
  • The Americas
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia

Our Certified Instructors are also fluent in a range of languages, including, but not limited to:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Dutch


"An Organisation's ability to LEARN, and translate that learning into ACTION rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage."

– Jack Welch

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