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Cybersecurity Training Products & Courses

With Cyber Security there’s an understanding that humans are the last line of defence; referred to more commonly as the ‘human firewall’ we are the last aspect of the network and the most susceptible to a breach. This may come from a variety of places whether it’s phishing or a file download, or it could come from your Security Officers not fully understanding the software and tools you use to ward off cyber attacks.

For training courses and security awareness products, check out our vendor partners, and see our event calendar below for available Training courses for Trend Micro.


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Leveraging the likes of KnowBe4’s training library and Simulated Phishing attacks, you can reduce human breaches by a significant factor. In addition, running Trend Micro’s training courses with one of our qualified trainers can help your staff get a feel for how their security system works; and how to work with it. This allows you to nurture and build a better, stronger security culture. We offer Cybersecurity Training products & courses across a variety of vendors & solutions, get in touch to find what you need!

Cybersecurity Training Products & Courses

Know Be4

Get your staff better protected through KnowBe4’s Security Awareness Training, with the largest commercially available training library, and a wide array of Simulated Phishing scenarios that will engage, inform, and upskill your workers to ensure that they don’t make mistakes as your infrastructure’s last line of defence. The ‘Human Firewall’ is only as strong as you make it, so choose KnowBe4 with us, and iron out the last chink in your armor. Prevent Human hacks with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training.

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Trend Micro

Cybersecurity Training Products & Courses

Trend Micro

Security Optimisation while managing costs. Learn the ins and outs from both Product and Cybersecurity experts, and build your knowledge while upskilling in Trend Micro, putting you in a better position to fend off cyberattacks by sharpening your expertise, in a format that suits your needs. On-Demand, or In-person training that keeps you engaged, informed, and up-to-date offering Trend Micro certifications across our training products & courses.

Our full range of service categories:

Cloud Computing

SITC offers a vast array of services specific to Cloud Computing, from vendor analysis and assessment to determine your ideal positioning in the cloud, to developing strong solutions to your pain points and fine tuning your standing to ensure you’re exactly where you want to be. For Cloud Migration, security and optimisation look no further than us. We can take you from concept to delivery with our expert consultants versed in every vendor, on the cutting edge of Cloud Computing.

Networks & Network Security

Professional services focused on taking your Network to another level. From Concept to Delivery, and everywhere in between. We can analyse, assess and plan for tailored solutions to your pain points and build your infrastructure up to new heights. Secure is in our name and our nature, so you know we’re well equipped and well positioned to take on your network security projects to ensure that you’re locked down, safe and sound, protected against the threats that you know about, but most importantly – the ones that you don’t.



We offer a range of professional services geared towards Virtualisation projects – we can assist across the project timeline from the initial assessment to building proof of concepts, planning, designing and developing solutions tailored to your needs all the way through deployment and integration to a full optimisation of your setup. For all things Virtualisation, choose SITC.


The threat landscape is everchanging, evolving all the time to open you up to new threats, of the known and unknown variety. With SITC, Secure is in our name and our nature. We offer a comprehensive array of services and solutions across numerous vendors in Cybersecurity, to take you through locking down and effectively and efficiently arming yourself against the digital criminal world. For your Cybersecurity pain points, look no further than SITC. 

Data & Data Security

We can streamline the process for you, by offering our Professional Services, and our Global Consultant pool we offer an all-in-one solution, from start to finish, and beyond. We can take you from planning to implementation, through your migration, and into your optimization, post-ascension.


We offer certified instructors to run courses across the IT industry – from AWS & Azure courses to Data solutions like Veeam, and Networks vendors such as Juniper, we really can do it all! We are also a Trend Micro Authorised Training Centre and we offer courses for the Trend Micro range on our Public Courses page. 

"Hard Work, and Training. There is no secret formula."

– Ronnie Coleman