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THE Global Cybersecurity leader, continually delivering innovation to enable digital transformation. A Titan of the industry providing best-in-class solutions for efficiency and maximum performance. From the Palo Alto Networks Prisma solution range to Cortex and Strata, and more!

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From Cloud Security to Network Security and Next-Generation Firewalls, everywhere you need protection, Palo Alto Networks has you covered! As an INNOVATOR partner, SITC can assist with every aspect of the project – from tailoring unique solutions, to providing support across installation, deployments, and integrations, to offering training per your requirements on a variety of products. We even offer professional services to ensure you get the most out of your security.

Palo Alto Networks
Next-Generation Solutions for Todays Challenges

Industry-dominating solutions to cybersecurity – pushing the limits of technology to provide the best-in-class answers – from performance to efficiency and throughout. Check out the very best offerings of leading Cybersecurity products.

Palo Alto Prisma portfolio, the Palo Alto Networks Cortex range (including the new XSIAM solution), Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall (NGFWs) and more!

SITC are experts in the Palo Alto portfolio and we provide professional services to supplement and complement the products we offer.


Palo Alto Prisma Cloud

Secure cloud-native applications across the full lifecycle in any cloud.


Automate security operations

Empower SecOps with automation-driven detection, investigation, and response.


Stop zero-day threats in zero time

Stop evasive threats in real time with ML-powered networks security innovations.


Secure any cloud

Secure cloud native applications across the full lifecycle in any cloud.


Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access

Connect and secure all users and all devices accessing any apps.


Secure the home and the small business

Enterprise-grade security with consumer simplicity.

Palo Alto Networks
More Info – Across the Portfolio

Dominating the industry is par for the course as far as Palo Alto Networks is concerned, and with a solutions portfolio like this, and service providers like us, it’s clear to see why. Not only do they provide an incredible array of solutions for your cybersecurity across the physical and cloud environments your organisation may be using, but they combine with Secure IT Consult, and other partners to provide expertise in the form of product information, guides, eBooks and whitepapers highlighting their quality, and backing up their dominant position with solid evidence. See below for some of these assets!

Cortex XSIAM

See the Cortex XSIAM solution brief!

Portfolio in a Page

Understand the whole portfolio with ease!

Prisma SD-WAN

Why you should choose Prisma SD-WAN

Data Security in the AI Era

Three Principles to AI-Era Data Security

XDR for Dummies

XDR Explained, and Simplified.

SASE for Dummies

SASE Explained, and Simplified.

Security Orchestration for Dummies

Security Orchestration Explained, and Simplified.

ZTNA for Dummies

ZTNA Explained, and Simplified.

Cloud Sec and Compliance for Dummies

Cloud Sec and Compliance Explained, and Simplified.

ASM for Dummies

ASM Explained, and Simplified.

SASE SWG for Dummies

SASE SWG Explained, and Simplified.

Software Firewalls for Dummies

Software Firewalls Explained, and simplified.

Zero Trust with Palo Alto Networks

Ever-present across the Cybersecurity Ecosystem, boasting thousands of customers and deployments: Nobody has more experience. But with security never being a one-size-fits-all, what makes ZTNA with Palo Alto Networks different?


Narrow Technologies should never be the focus of zero trust – the full ecosystem of controls should be the centre of considerations, the shield that many organisations rely on for their protection.


Zero Trust implementation isn’t easy, but getting a start shouldn’t be difficult: Consider the currently leverageable control sets, and build your foundation – we can help with what’s next.


Zero Trust is a concept, an easy one: Trust nothing, validate always. We don’t need technical language and specialised explanations, Zero Trust can easily be conveyed at all levels across the organisation.


The Palo Alto Networks framework means more security. With a wide range across the sector, we strive to offer Palo Alto Networks solutions for your Zero Trust Journey, and your wider Cybersecurity needs.

Enabling innovation at Speed and Scale


Boasting unrivalled visibility and control, integrating best-in-breed capabilities into the most comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio.

7+ acquisitions and integrations of best-in-class innovators


SecOps products driven by deep analytics, good data & automation end-to-end to increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of data breaches.

8x faster incident investigations

95% reduction in alerts

44% lower cost


For the most thorough application of Zero Trust, we bake it into every security touchpoint.

A “Zero Trust Leader” in Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers 2019 Report

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We provide services and licenses for the whole range; from Prisma Cloud support for installations, deployment and continuous integration, and long-term management, to Prisma Cortex for your threat prevention and SOAR platform configurations, even Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall projects for physical protection, we can take you from product to purchase, to putting it in action. SITC provides the services, products, and support that you need.

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