Case Studies

Our case studies are a testament to the success our solutions provide. From KnowBe4’s KCM GRC platform to Microsoft Azure challenges, we can show examples of success across the industry.

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Project White paper

Secure IT Consult for the SMAE Institute

From the inbound receipt of an enquiry from a client with infrastructural concerns to providing the full solution and the required staff upskilling, SITC completed a Trend Micro Scanmail solution project from the initial consultation to installation and deployment. Read the whitepaper for more information!

Business Use Case – Prisma Cloud

Secure IT Consult presents Prisma Cloud

Prisma™ Cloud is a security and compliance service that enables effective threat defence across Google Cloud Platform (GCP™), Amazon Web Services (AWS®), and Microsoft Azure®. Its innovative, machine learning-assisted approach correlates disparate security data sets to provide comprehensive visibility, detect threats, and enable rapid response across the most fragmented multi-cloud environments. With Prisma Cloud, organizations can ensure compliance, govern security, and enable security operations across public cloud computing deployments.

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Business Use Case – Zero Trust

Secure IT Consult presents Zero Trust for Medical IOT

Medical IoT devices are revolutionizing healthcare. The demand for connected medical devices that support functional areas such as remote patient monitoring and contact tracing has escalated since the pandemic. But even before its onslaught, IoT adoption in healthcare was on the rise. As the industry rapidly adopts new and innovative clinical IoT devices (e.g., sensors, monitoring devices), exposure to cyberthreats grows. The healthcare industry continues to be a top target for threat actors

Case Study – Prisma SASE

Secure IT Consult presents Prisma SASE

Through the pandemic, organizations moved quickly to expand their cloud footprints, increase use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, and deliver remote access to their workforces. While delivering critical business outcomes, this approach presents challenges with network performance and complexity, and with managing the numerous appliances needed to maintain security.

Secure access service edge (SASE) answers these challenges by converging SD-WAN with a comprehensive and cloud-delivered security stack. Rather than focusing on the enterprise data centre, Palo Alto Networks Prisma® SASE delivers cloud-based converged capabilities where and when you need them.

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Case Study Collection – Cortex

Secure IT Consult presents Cortex Case Studies

It doesn’t matter how big the SOC team is, or how brilliant its members are. There’s no way for people to respond fast enough to stop an attack in progress. We need AI—the right models, the right resources, and the right data—to automate cybersecurity, so we can handle the volume and sophistication of the threats seen on our networks today. That’s why Palo Alto Networks built Cortex.

A new vision for cybersecurity designed to shorten the time it takes to detect and respond to security threats from days to seconds. As you’ll see in this e-book, customers who use Cortex elevate their SOC teams and improve their results, all while making security more visible, comprehensive, and future-ready.

Case Study – Crezco

Secure IT Consult saves with Crezco

“We saved approximately £4,000 over a 12-month period on international transactions by using Crezco! Not only that, but we also saved time making payments and finally got clarity on what we are really paying for!”

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Stay one step ahead with Secure IT’s Cybersecurity Consultants

We know how hackers think and operate. It’s the knowledge that helps us predict and ultimately prevent their next move from damaging your business. We can stage real-world attacks to assess the robustness of your defences, highlight weaknesses, and ultimately fix them.

Our Consultants devise testing and solutions to combat the latest-and-greatest threats that face the IT industry, so that you can stay one step ahead, and protect yourselves and your data.