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SITC offers a large range of Cloud Consultants services: We offer migration, optimisation, security and support – We can take you up to the cloud, secure your cloud, maximise your efficiency and effectiveness, and support you with everything you need/ Assessment and planning, proof of concepts, and deployment, continuous integrations etc. up to infrastructural and architectural projects designed to boost your cloud into the cutting edge of technology.

Cloud Consultants

Cloud Consultants for AWS

With our AWS consultancy services, we provide the licenses, migration, and setup for your AWS environment – meaning you don’t have to do anything other than begin using your new serverless setup!

Our professional services at SITC include cloud consultancy and services for AWS; capable of migrating data and applications into the virtual, in order to take advantage of agility and efficiency available to serverless cloud infrastructure, enabling performance levels for your IT Assets that you would never have thought possible.

Our full range of expertise spans the AWS Catalogue – from  Amazon EC2 and S3 Storage, to SageMaker and AWS Lambda, we can do it all!


AWS Services

Cloud with SITC


We can provide you with the help that you need, in order to make your next step in technology – we offer ascension to the Cloud as an all-in-one, from license to installation and set up so all you have to do is make sure that you are partnering with us.

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Cloud Consultants

Cloud Consultants for Google Cloud

Through our Google Cloud Consultancy we offer everything you need – licensing for the products, and the professional services you need to get them going! We can do Cloud Migration to take you up to the clouds and then secure you there with our offerings in cybersecurity, and optimise your entire infrastructure once you’re settled.

We provide the full Cloud experience, start to finish to have you floating in the clouds seeing performance metrics you wouldn’t believe. Full migrations of data and applications into virtual environments to take advantage of the agility and efficiency on offer through utilisation of Cloud Computing. Our knowledge encompasses the full range of Google Cloud offerings – from Anthos and BigQuery to Cloud CDN and the Google Kubernetes Engine.

Ascension with SITC


With our Cloud Consultancy services, we can take you from the initial stages, of preparation, research, and understanding, all the way to deployment, optimisation, and realisation.

Cloud Consultants

Cloud Consultants for Azure

We offer Azure Consultancy, providing licensing and professional services to cover and deliver the entirety of your project timeline: We offer support to assess and plan, building proof of concepts and analysing your position before a full committal. Our professional service offerings allows you to take advantage of our expertise and let us deliver your cloud migration, security and optimisations – taking your data and applications into the virtual and running with the efficiency and agility to build and scale that Cloud Computing provides, unparalleled.

Our knowledge encompasses the entire range of Azure offerings – from Azure DevOps and Blob Storage to API Management and Azure Content Delivery Systems.

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The solution is to seek an unbiased opinion and expert insights from the cloud consulting team here at SITC. We’re vendor-agnostic, so we’re not on the payroll of any cloud provider. Yes, we have partnerships with selected cloud providers, but ultimately, we’re only interested in helping you solve your cloud-based challenges in the most effective way possible, using the best solutions.

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