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Trend Micro Cloud & SecurityTrend Micro Overview

Secure IT Consult is proud to partner with Trend Micro as it has been the solution for many of our clients’ problems.

Trend Micro was founded in 1988 in Los Angeles, this makes Trend Micro one of the first cybersecurity companies on the globe.

This leading company is now recognized as one of the leading providers of cloud-optimized security solutions, and a global cybersecurity leader.

Trend Micro operates proficiently in cloud services, IoT and risk management, Trend is currently providing security and continuously monitoring up to 500,000 companies with successful results.

Another feature of Trend Micro is Strategic Alliances, what does it mean? you may wonder, let me explain it better.

Trend Micro partners with industry leaders that you can trust such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, VMware, this aspect make Trend Micro unique and reliable in the security industry.

The Alliance help clients to Simplify deployment, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize security and detect and prevent cybersecurity threats before is too late.

Services in Trend Micro are endless, they offer Hybrid cloud security, Network Security user protection, detection & response, application security, Saas application and data center security and so on.

Let us help you to discover the solutions to your cybersecurity issues, manage your cost and automate IT tasks.

We will guide you to overcome the working from home challenge by monitoring your employee devices with an all-in-one lightweight agent with an intuitive cloud-based console that gives you in-depth visibility and control across your entire organization.

Free Security Assesment

This service giving you optimum security and maximum productivity for your PC or laptop.

Our engineers will:

  • Look through your system for vulnerabilities to all types of threats and apply the right settings to ensure robust security
  • Configure your antivirus and anti-spyware software settings, including browser components, firewall, and network settings
  • Apply the proper system settings to improve your security and identity protection, keeping your digital information secure
  • Verify and install the latest critical Microsoft Windows updates, Microsoft Office, and Java
  • Teach you about Parental Controls and the other features of your product

Effective SecurityAvoid Ineffective Security

Businesses and Cybersecurity challenges

Help Net Security states “Cybersecurity is failing due to “ineffective technologies”.

The reason is that vendors are not incentivized to deliver products that are more effective at reducing cyber risk.

At Secure IT consult we ensure effective security, as we only partner with top cloud-based providers.

We take care of your network security migration and your journey to the right cloud provider for your enterprise.

We advise Trend Micro since has stopped 300 billion attacks and is used by organizations to address cyber-attacks.

There are many vendors out there and we want to make sure you get the best of the best to run your enterprise efficiently.

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Remote Business SecuritySupport Your Business Remotly With Our Security Agent

Trend Micro knows how attacks are performed and sometimes the threat is not the attacker but your employee.

Employees can be reckless especially when they work from home therefore trend micro offers training for all situations.

Train your team to recognize threats and attacks is the first step to upgrade your security. Since covid, there have been more successful attacks against companies.

Enterprises struggle to manage and monitor employees working from home especially if they are using their own devices.

Another aspect that we touch especially for big companies is data management, in this way the root of an attack can be discovered faster.

Trend offers affordable prices therefore even small companies can afford to upgrade their Internet Security.

Keep your devices in tip-top shape and safe from threats with our free tools.

( try our  free Free diagnostic and malware removal tools)

Attack Simulation To An Employee

Trend Micro Worldwide TrainingTop Trainings Against Threats

Trend Micro is aware of how important is to train your employees therefore they provide worldwide cybersecurity training for partners.

Joining Trend-Micro means be part of a big family, where support is a guarantee.

With our products combined with training provided your network will have extra gear against malicious attacks and Social Engineering.

We will teach you how to protect your business against all kinds of cyber-attacks and know what to look out for when it comes to data breaches.

We offer.

  • Classroom or online-based certification lessons
  • Hands-on instruction from Trend-Micro certified trainers
  • The knowledge your team needs to deploy and manage Trend Micro solutions

Technology evolves fast and every month there are new threats. The only way to prevent 0-day attacks is by using the right product and training.

Check Out Our Cybersecurity Public CoursesCybersecurity Training

Trend Micro Authorized Training Centers provide superior training to Trend Micro customers, from novice users to seasoned professionals. Whether you are dealing with targeted attacks affecting business continuity or the evolving security issues related to BYOD and virtualization; the threat landscape is constantly transforming.