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SITC offers Cloud services across the full range of your needs. From migration, to security, to optimisation services, we can provide just about everything you might need for your cloud computing.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Migration Services

More and more businesses are taking to the cloud(s) as they discover the multitude of benefits they will receive: By migrating to the cloud, they can make savings on running costs, increase productivity, and with data security and compliance, they’re safe and secure as well. Businesses just like you are finding themselves sailing, and you can too!

We help you move to the cloud with minimal disruption to your day-to-day, and our consultants are on hand to provide you top-quality assistance to be safe, secure, and understand your new position, sitting in the clouds!

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Cloud To Cloud Migration

SITC & Cloud Computing

Changing your infrastructure from tangible, visible servers, to cloud networks can be a scary, daunting task. But with benefits in scalability, performance improvements, a better digital experience, and a visible cost decrease, you’ll see it as a no-brainer! You’ll see that cloud computing offers greater scalability for taking on larger workloads, more users, and it makes growing as an organisation so much easier on your wallet!

With your Cloud provider taking over maintenance and upgrades you don’t have to worry about keeping yourself online, it’s time to focus on YOU! More resources become available for innovation and development, while you explore a digital transformation for clients, customers, AND your employees – made possible by your cloud.

Cloud To Cloud Migration
Cloud Computing

Cloud Optimisation Services

A significant portion of your infrastructure can and will work for you in a cloud environment, but if you aren’t optimised for it, things could spin out of control. Cloud Optimisation is the practice of making sure your resources are being utilised properly and you’re operating at no more or less than 100%, keeping your costs minimised while your performance stays maximised.

This means striking a balance in providers, services, and infrastructure while streamlining your processes to get the best out of your Cloud. With our services, we can find the perfect middle ground of costs vs performance that ensure you can make the most of what the cloud has to offer.

SITC for your Cloud Computing

A big goal for all organisations across the cloud is making the most of your services. This means making sure your infrastructure is built effectively and efficiently to ensure you aren’t putting your systems under stress, but you also aren’t out of pocket for additional usage. Assessing your architecture and identifying bottlenecks is a significant part of that.

Your cloud optimisation is obviously going to require an analysis of what you’ve got, what you use, and what you’re paying for. An inefficient setup of your cloud services or a mismatch with your plans and/or provider could be making it cost far more than you need it to. This means a full analysis of your resources.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Security Services

Strengthen your defences against the next generation of Cyberattacks and a new age of online vulnerabilities. With SITC, we can help you build your resilience and confidence to navigate the new world in the cloud.

Our experience is Global and Multi-Sector, meaning no matter who you are or what industries you operate in, we partner with top vendors of security services to ensure that you have the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and technologies at your fingertips to protect your cloud computing and your business’s most vital assets.

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SITC can provide the full package that you need across Cloud projects – from analytics and assessments to planning, deploying and integrating tailored solutions, across the project timeline. For all things Cloud Computing, partner with SITC.

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