Security Solutions

Security solutions are just one of many aspects of SITC’s services – from Palo Alto Networks to Forcepoint and Sophos, we provide services across the industry’s leading vendors.


Security Solutions with Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a titan of the cybersecurity industry, providing a vast array of solutions across automation, security, orchestration, threat response, and data visibility. Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma offerings encompass everything across the board.

Our Cybersecurity Consults can take you from product to deployment with our expert knowledge of the Palo Alto Networks range – whether it’s Cortex for your security solutions and threat response or Panorama for total visibility of data across your infrastructure.

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Cybersecurity & SITC


We’re ready to develop security strategies to support your digital transformation wherever your business is based and no matter what sector you operate in—Government, Manufacturing, and Financial Services included. We partner with top vendors of security services to ensure the latest tools, techniques, and technologies work hard to protect your most vital business assets.

Innovation is the answer, and our cybersecurity consultants are well versed in the latest and most effective cybersecurity solutions.

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Security Solutions with Trend Micro

We are partnered with Trend Micro to provide unique and tailored solutions for our clients – we can offer you in-depth understanding of their range of security products, from Cloud One and Apex, to offering training courses with verified instructors, as we are an Authorised Trend Micro Training Centre.

This means that from start to finish with Trend Micro, SITC can offer the full arsenal of products, services AND training that you need to fully secure yourselves and your infrastructures utilising solutions from Trend Micro.

Awareness with SITC


Whether or not you’ve experienced a cyber-attack, you’ll be aware of the huge cost these can have on businesses. Our Cybersecurity Consultants can change the way this affects you and your business by devising solutions based on your unique needs.

Cybercriminals are using increasingly advanced ways to steal data, access systems, or slip malware and ransomware through defences. The damage they can do to your finances and reputation could negatively alter the perception of your organisation long-term.


Security Solutions for Sophos

SITC offers a variety of services orbiting around Sophos; from cloud advisors to security consultants and managed services.

Our team of experts can craft custom solutions leveraging Sophos APIs for automating repetitive tasks and creating custom reports to aide in data analysis specific to your organisation’s needs.

Leveraging Sophos APIs to design and create unique, tailored solutions to automate, aid analysis of data, and curate reports, specific to your business needs.

We offer optimisation for Sophos solutions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in your configuration to give you the maximum levels of security and performance.


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Stay one step ahead with SITC.


We know how hackers think and operate. It’s the knowledge that helps us predict and ultimately prevent their next move from damaging your business. We can stage real-world attacks to assess the robustness of your defences, highlight weaknesses, and ultimately fix them.

Our Consultants devise testing and solutions to combat the latest-and-greatest threats that face the IT industry, so that you can stay one step ahead, and protect yourselves and your data.

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Cybersecurity x Fortinet

Offering services across the Fortinet range, SITC can support you from product to purchase, through installation, and beyond.

We can design & spec your perfect solution from Fortinet, whether it’s network security, SD-WAN, or LAN edge technology, we’ve got the expertise and the support you need to succeed, with your Fortinet projects.

Defend your business against Cyberattacks.


Strengthen your defences and the cyber bullies are unlikely to pick on your business. If they do, and your organisation is fully prepared, they won’t get far.

SITC is here to help you build your cyber resilience, so your business can grow with confidence without the fear that hackers or scammers can ruin things.


Security Solutions with Forcepoint

SITC offers services across the Forcepoint range; from Network security to all-in-one solutions.

Forcepoint One offers a full, all-in-one package that we can provide services for from configuration to installation & deployment and beyond, for continuous support across the project.

We also provide services to fulfil your needs regarding Network & Data protection, through DLP products and NGFWs we can support you with it all!


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Digital Transformation and Risk


Any large-scale change project that entails the migration of legacy systems carries an element of risk. It’s the job of our cybersecurity consultants to manage and mitigate that risk, so your digital transformation happens smoothly.

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Cybersecurity Consultants

Cybersecurity x F5

SITC offers services across the F5 range; through all manner of projects spanning performance, automation and security & beyond.

We offer support through performance augmentation through application and infrastructural optimisation and availability, to deliver improvements across the board.

We provide assistance with F5 solutions to automation of key tasks, management, and DevOps best practices throughout your environments.

Security specialists to serve up answers to online fraud prevention, application and network security, threat mitigation, authorisation, and access to secure your infrastructure.

Digital Transformation and Risk


We’ll work closely with you to assess the levels of security your data, applications, and infrastructures currently have and are likely to need in the future. Our strategy will follow the findings, visualised in a roadmap that ensures security remains front of mind during every stage of your digital transformation journey.

Cybersecurity Consultants

Cybersecurity Consultants for Checkpoint

Industry-leading solutions with Checkpoint? Our Cybersecurity Consultants can help!

From network security utilising Quantum, or Cloudguard for security in the Cloud, to Harmony for access & user security and Infinity-Vision for unified management and visibility we offer professional services to cover your projects and support your needs.

Varying from on-prem to multi-cloud environments, and across industries, we have cybersecurity consultants that can fully assist you with unique and tailored cases and solutions that make the most of Checkpoint’s offerings on your terms.


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Secure is in our name and it’s our prime directive – we can provide services across your cybersecurity pain points, and throughout your project timeline: start to finish, concept to deployment and for optimisation and managed services, SITC can handle everything you need.

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