Data Consultants

SITC offers Data Consultants and experts across the whole lifecycle of the platforms from planning to deployment and adoption, providing management and continuous support for services.

Data Consultants

Data Consultants for Splunk

We provide Splunk Services and Data Consultancy across business analytics and assessments, platform integration and implementation, design and enhancement of architecture, coordination and end-to-end management for projects, custom development of applications, implementation, and training of machine learning algorithms, with orchestration and automation services as well.

We have data services that will allow you to go from start to finish on your project with us serving and supporting you throughout.

We assist you with becoming operationally flexible, and with our support and project management, you could see performance increases and benefits across the board.


SITC & Data Consultancy


Data, Data, Data! Everything you need for your data; management, backup, recovery, and analytics, with SITC. We offer services to cover every aspect of your requirements for solutions in the IT industry.

Data Consultants

Data Consultants for Tableau

We provide services for tableau in server consultation, ad hoc analysis, and best practices.

With our Ad Hoc Analysis consultancy, we can complete quick and polished data analytics, using your existing foundations or wholly from scratch as a professional service, with the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

Our services for server consulting offer assistance with total governance and security for data safety, regardless of your experience, as we help with Tableau Server use for easy access and sharing of dashboards organisation-wide. We help you build your ideal environment to foster user adoption.

We’ll show you the ropes, but we won’t leave you high and dry – our consultants can advise and explain best practices and guidelines to take you from beginner to veteran in your use of Tableau and the best ways you can use it.

SITC for your Data Projects


From Installation to Deployment to Optimisation to Support, SITC has consultants across the sector to provide you with everything you need to find the answers and create the solutions you need.

Data Consultants

Data Consultants for Veeam

We offer Veam Consultancies for those invested/investing in virtualisation and storage infrastructure, who want the reassurance of backup and replication capabilities for your data and applications in the event of failure; when you’re holding important and valuable data, it needs safe and secure backups, for peace of mind.

Veam provides that complete peace of mind and a speedy response – recovery times and targets of under 15 minutes, your data can be restored in a matter of moments. All your applications, all your data, safe and secure.

Our consultants provide introductive services for veeam to help you understand what you’re getting and how, we can take you from plan to purchase to deployment and upgrades. We can design and construct your infrastructure with best practices and help you with working through everything you need to know about Veeam and your Data backup & recovery tool.


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SITC can provide the full package that you need across Data projects – from analytics and assessments to planning, deploying and integrating tailored solutions, across the project timeline. For all things Data, partner with SITC.

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