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Get Smart with AIOps for Next-Generation Firewalls

6 May 2024

AIOps for Next-Generation Firewalls

Network security operations today are under intense scrutiny by IT leaders and corporate executives. Organizations are investing heavily in highly sophisticated tools such as next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) to protect their critical information and keep their operations running smoothly. Often, those investments aren’t paying off as well as they should—and executives are asking why.

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For one thing, today’s hybrid network architectures are complex, with applications and data spread across multiple public and private clouds and users dispersed to remote locations such as branches and home offices. As a result, the security perimeter has effectively disappeared, requiring network architects to embed security throughout the network using multiple firewalls and Zero Trust principles. Security teams struggle to optimize these complex and dynamic architectures, which can degrade the organization’s security posture and cause network slowdowns and even outages.

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