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Let SITC’s AWS Professional Services offerings and AWS Consultants shine a light on best practices and leading strategies, offering solutions to every conceivable hurdle you face in the Cloud.


AWS Professional Services from SITC for Cloud Ascension

SITC offers cost-effective innovation and increased capabilities for your organisation: We support you in keeping pace with cutting-edge technology & industry advancements.

As AWS Partners we are experienced builders of advanced solutions and strategic experts to ensure that we provide you with only the most effective & efficient services we can provide. Your specific business needs combined with our knowledge creates ground-breaking, reliable and industry-relevant solutions that are objectively designed for business growth and advancement. The AWS Professional Services and AWS Consultants we have are all vendor-certified to ensure that we can complete all of your projects to your specifications. 

Our Global availability means that we can provide everything you need, wherever you need it. Across your organisation wherever your business takes you, SITC can be there, offering services across the range of obstacles you may find in front of you.

Solutions with SITC’s AWS Professional Services

Here at Secure IT Consult, we’re cloud natives. Our business has been built around the cloud, and is designed to meet your AWS cloud needs speedily and securely. Put bluntly, we’re more agile and more cloud-focused than older organisations who are likely to be slowly shifting their clunky operations to the cloud to try and keep up with changing times.

Relax! SITC is here to help. We’ll bring unrivalled AWS knowledge and expertise to the table, giving you the peace of mind of knowing you have experts working to boost your organisation’s performance and efficiencies, while you devote your time to growing your business. Secure IT Consult’s AWS Professional Services and AWS Consultants can complete any and all projects that you have around AWS, from the top-level down to the smaller tasks – so you can focus on your organisation while we tackle the projects.

Flexibility is key when it comes to digital transformation. You might not want or need all of our cloud services. That’s fine. You can pick and choose the ways we can help you and only pay for the services you need.


Design & Build

Expert consultants map out your route to success. Frame & Design your tailored solution, seamlessly integrating into your team in order to gain invaluable business understanding and knowledge to ensure we fit perfectly to your needs.


Minimal upheaval, maximum benefits once you’ve completed your cloud ascension. We ensure you experience the bare minimum of disruptions to your day-to-day during the migration phase.


AWS offers total scalability, and a dynamic range of offerings to ensure that everything you need once you’re sitting in the clouds, you can get. We stay on the ball to determine when and why the time is/isn’t right to tweak this, or upgrade that – rely on our consultants to ensure the best solutions to fit your circumstances.

Ongoing Management

Our AWS experts will deliver ongoing operational support 24/7 – as AWS never sleeps. We will monitor and manage OS, and assist in issue/incident handling whenever you need us – round the clock!

Custom Projects

If you’ve got a bespoke project that needs expert AWS know-how, we’re ready to share our knowledge and use our skills to carry out every task you need! From start to finish & beyond the final step.


Secure is in our name and in our nature, driving everything we do. In fact, ensuring your IT environment is robust, water-tight, and compliant is what we’re renowned for!

How the Cloud can work for you

AWS offers power, versatility and scalability in Cloud Computing on a PAYG model with the ability to reserve further if you foresee a sudden change to your needs. SITC AWS Professional Services and AWS Consultants offers analysis & support across a huge variety of scenarios meaning we can plan and design protocols for all situations your cloud could see.




• Align your architecture, implementation,
and operations with industry-leading best practices.

• Maximise uptime with exceptional support
to ensure your business operates without disruption.

• Fully utilise all capabilities of the Amazon AWS product portfolio with guidance from our AWS Consultants.



• Measure adoption of best practices to
create a roadmap for continuous improvement.

• Optimise your configuration and operations
to maintain cutting-edge practices.

• Benchmark your environment to
identify opportunities to improve service




• Adopt proven strategies that minimise
opportunities for problems.

• Learn how to strengthen your infrastructure
and reduce manual tasks through our
workshops and team enablement.

• Leverage integrations between products
in your cloud environment to
improve efficiency.

a Winning Combination.

We offer expert services to complement your AWS solutions in order to maximise your ROI.

From deployment & management assistance for Cloud Infrastructure to product implementation & Installation support, to Consultation services for upgrades, migrations and optimisations for your configurations, SITC can do it all!

AWS DevOps Services

AWS Global Infrastructure

AWS Healthcheck

AWS Lambda Functions

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We provide both the licensing of and the services for all things AWS – from Cloud Instances to Infrastructure as a Service and File Storage licensing, to management services for your deployment to ensure that everything is running at 100 and optimised to the full extent.

Secure IT Consult AWS Professional Services, and AWS Consultants, for all your AWS needs. Contact Us for more information on what we can do for you!

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