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Cloud Security

Strengthen your defences against the next generation of Cyberattacks and a new age of online vulnerabilities. With SITC, we can help you build your resilience and confidence to navigate the new world in the cloud.

Our experience is Global and Multi-Sector, meaning no matter who you are or what industries you operate in, we partner with top vendors of security services to ensure that you have the latest and greatest tools, techniques, and technologies at your fingertips to protect your cloud computing and your business’s most vital assets.



Costs Of Cloud Security Breaches:

These statistics from the Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach 2022 report (Industry Benchmark) show that you really cannot be late to the party in Cybersecurity. You cannot delay getting your staff Security Awareness Trained, or Locking down your Cloud Computing Environment, because it could *literally* cost you MILLIONS!

Breached Organisations 2021

Average days to identify & contain breach

Average cost of a Data Breach in 2022

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Next Generation Firewalls

Keeping your networks secure with Palo Alto Networks’ bleeding-edge next-gen firewall technology is a sure-fire way to keep your company secure traversing the online world.

Palo Alto Networks offers a variety of Security Services, and their next-gen firewalls come in different shapes and sizes to ensure you can get fully secured, across your Physical Networks, Cloud Containers and they offer Cloud-delivered Security services to keep you protected, at scale. This really is the cutting-edge of security technology.

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Bulletproof Cloud Security

Trend Micro offers leading Ransomware protection which leverages advanced AI learning and safeguards against identity theft, which has helped them become a dominant force in the Cybersecurity sector, with top ratings from industry experts, they offer 100% protection against web threats.

Their software comes with FREE tools for diagnostic and malware removal, and they offer 24/7 premium support with a Maximum-Security Plan. They are a champion of the security industry helping block over 250 MILLION threats globally, every day.​

Cloud Security Awareness with KnowBe4

We partner with KnowBe4 to offer a platform capable of delivering the industry’s largest library of security awareness training, and simulated phishing scenarios to ensure that you and your team are properly aware of the threats you face in an online environment.

With their content-rich and engaging training regimen delivered through an industry-leading platform, you’ll find that not only WERE you susceptible to breaches based on the Human aspect but that by the end of a 12-month training scheme you could get that down to under 5% Phishing Risk Rate!

"If you think you know-it-all about Cybersecurity, this discipline was obviously ill-explained to you."

– Stephane Nappo