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Cortex Solution Brief

6 May 2024

Cortex Solution Brief

Security operations centres (SOCs) have been around for approximately 15 years, yet have only become critical in the last five. With a need to prevent cyberattacks and the adoption of centralized security operations (SecOps), security teams are challenged by a lack of qualified personnel (staff, skills, knowledge), budgetary constraints, and a barrage of complex solutions on the market. Attacks are becoming more frequent, sophisticated, and costly, driven by the surge in ransomware. Unfortunately, attacks can go undetected for too long, leading to increased dwell times and delayed investigation, mitigation, or remediation.

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In order to keep pace with threats on a global scale, and remain agile, security teams are increasingly turning to comprehensive cloud-delivered solutions. This approach enables tighter control of security operations, a holistic view of the security posture, and an integrated best-in-class offerings for asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, behavioural monitoring, intelligence, and automated response.

Enter Palo Alto Networks’ cortex.

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