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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Managed cybersecurity services refer to the provision of cybersecurity services to an organisation(you) by an external third-party vendor(us). These services are designed to protect an organisation’s digital assets from cyber threats, including data breaches, malware attacks, and other malicious activities.

The managed cybersecurity services vendor provides ongoing monitoring, detection, and response to potential security incidents. This is achieved by deploying security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and antivirus software. The vendor also conducts regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify potential security weaknesses.



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Complete, Tailored Managed Services.

Managed cybersecurity services are typically provided through a subscription-based model, where the vendor charges a monthly fee for the services provided. This model provides organisations with a predictable cost structure for their cybersecurity needs, as well as access to expert cybersecurity resources that would otherwise be difficult or expensive to acquire in-house.

We offer comprehensive and tailored security solutions for your business. As cyber threats continue to grow, it’s important to have a team of experts by your side to protect your business from attacks, breaches, and other security risks.

Our managed cybersecurity services are designed to provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your core business operations.

Secure by Name & Nature.

Our services include:

  • Security Risk Assessment: We perform a comprehensive analysis of your business systems and networks to identify vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Threat Detection and Response: Our team monitors your systems 24/7 for suspicious activity and responds immediately to potential threats.
  • Firewall and Network Security: We implement and maintain advanced firewall and network security solutions to prevent unauthorised access and data breaches.
  • Data Encryption and Backup: We ensure your critical data is encrypted and backed up to protect against data loss and theft.
  • Employee Training and Awareness: We provide Security Awareness Training through our partner organisation KnowBe4
Managed Services

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