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Essential Guide to Phishing Investigation and Response

6 May 2024

The Essential Guide to Phishing Investigation and Response

Phishing has been around since the mid-90s and can be legitimately considered a “classic’’ hacker tool. The word was coined by hackers for their activities tied to luring AOL users to part with their password and account information. And like all classics, it has stood the test of time as a lucrative technique for cybercriminals, becoming more prolific and sophisticated. The cost of resolving malware infections has more than doubled the cost of phishing. Part of this cost is business disruption due to ransomware. And as we know, phishing is a popular gateway to ransomware and other major breaches.

Phishing Incident Response.

Phishing incident response is the poster child for automation for several reasons. Phishing incidents can be frequent and require a quick response. The response workflow is relatively straightforward and repeatable. As mentioned above, there are high-efficiency costs associated with capturing intelligence, evaluating intelligence, and tracking and cleaning up infected systems and end user communications.

Check out the essential guide to phishing investigation and response!

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