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Google Cloud Pricing Explained

20 Apr 2023

Google Cloud Pricing Explained

Google Cloud Platform is one of the most popular cloud service providers, loved by many tech professionals around the globe. With its advanced features and scalability, it has taken over the cloud technology market, offering its users a variety of options and services to choose from. As we all know, pricing plays a massive role in deciding which cloud service provider to adopt. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about Google Cloud Platform pricing, from its services costs, including Google Cloud Storage cost, Google Cloud SQL Pricing, Google Cloud Storage Cost, Google Cloud Price, Google Cloud Billing, Google Cloud Server, and more.

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Google Cloud Pricing:

1)Google Cloud Platform Service Prices:
Google Cloud Platform offers its users a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model that only charges you for what you use. Prices vary depending on services such as compute, storage, networking, and machine learning. Compute engine instances are charged per-second while their disk storage solutions range from as low as $0.0004 to $0.17 per GB per month.

Google Cloud Storage Cost:

2) Google Cloud Storage Cost:
Google Cloud Platform’s storage solutions offer several options, including standard storage, Nearline Storage, Archive Storage, and Coldline Storage. Google Cloud storage cost per GB per month depends on the temperature and access frequency. For example, the Standard storage price is $0.0204 per GB per month while the Nearline Storage cost is $0.0102 per GB per month. On the other hand, the Archive Storage costs $0.0012 per GB per month.

Google Cloud SQL Pricing

3) Google Cloud SQL Pricing:
Google Cloud SQL is a fully managed SQL database service that offers its users the option to maintain their database management, infrastructure, scaling, and replication. Its pricing model involves charging per hour of use, and its overall cost depends on the storage capacity and database type. The cost of using Google Cloud SQL ranges from $0.015 to $40.96 per hour, depending on the tier and server type.

Google Cloud Billing

4) Google Cloud Billing:
Google Cloud Platform’s billing is flexible and allows its users to choose a payment plan that best suits their budget. It offers two options; a monthly billing cycle that allows you to pay at the end of each month or a fixed payment plan that you can pay upfront. Additionally, Google Cloud Platform offers cloud credits and discounts to its users, providing them with the best pricing model available.

Google Cloud Server

5) Google Cloud Server:
Google Cloud Server is a virtual machine that offers cloud computing services to its users. It operates on Google Cloud Platform’s Infrastructure and is charged per second with a minimum of ten minutes. The cost of using Google Cloud Server depends on the machine type, region, and usage hours. Google Cloud Server’s prices start from $0.021 up to $1.272 per hour, depending on the machine type.

Pricing is a vital aspect to consider when selecting cloud services, and Google Cloud Platform offers its users various pricing options that can fit into any budget. As a user, you have the flexibility to determine the pricing model that best suits you, allowing you to effectively manage your costs while optimizing your cloud solutions. We hope this blog has provided you with valuable insights on Google Cloud Platform pricing, including its services costs, Google Cloud Storage cost, Google Cloud SQL Pricing, Google Cloud Storage Cost, Google Cloud Price, Google Cloud Billing, Google Cloud Server, and significant points to keep in mind as you maneuver your way through cloud computing technology.

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