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Unprecedented rises in Cloud Computing adoption worldwide. Many, MANY companies have begun their ascension to the cloud. With the rapid shift towards Cloud Platforms & Services, you can’t afford to be left behind. SecureIT can take you on a journey to the Google Cloud, and the forefront of technology.

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Google Cloud Platform with SecureIT Consult.

Your cloud needs will be unique, but your goal is likely to be the same as many other organisations—to take your business to the next level.  Here are some of the ways Google Cloud can help:

Migrating your storage to the cloud has multiple benefits, not least making applications and documents accessible from anywhere by anyone with security clearance. These solutions can also reduce the burden IT maintenance and staffing costs bring to bear on your bottom line. Our consultants can deliver a safe, secure, and strategically sound way to migrate your storage to the cloud. You can choose one, a few, or all of our Google Cloud consultancy services which cover:  Archiving, Data Upload, Analysis, Streaming & Hosting, Set-up, Ongoing management.

Google Cloud Platform solutions with SecureIT services

‘Secure’ is in our name and our DNA. It’s certain to be a top priority for your business too. So we ensure our Google Cloud Consulting services place critical importance on security and compliance issues. That gives you the peace of mind of knowing your business is benefiting from a cloud that delivers robustness as well as the cost and efficiency savings you expect.

Here at SecureIT Consult, we’re cloud natives. Our business has been built around the cloud, and is designed to meet your Google Cloud needs speedily and securely. Put bluntly, we’re more agile and more cloud-focused than those long-in-the-tooth organisations who are likely to be slowly shifting their clunky operations to the cloud to try and keep up with changing times.

Initial Consult

Explore high-level solutions, determine use cases, and solution test through experiments. Move forward with Confidence for your projects.


Develop & Design detailed architectural designs and plans for deployment – implement solutions and move to execute.



Detailed Architecture design and planning documents executed – Realise the solution in production.



Establish operational best practices, enhance existing processes, technologies and create the opportunity for innovation.

King of the Clouds – SecureIT Consult

From Platform to Integrations, our Google Cloud Professional Services boost your ability to harness the power available to you in the GCP environment. We enable your digital transformation by maximising your adoption of best practice and cutting-edge technologies and ensure the highest-level of efficiency according to your game plan. Through Architecture and design to deployment and optimisation our experts utilise the best available information to build on your existing team and technology to provide the top-tier outcome your organisation requires.

Accelerate Time to Value


• Align your architecture, implementation,
and operations with industry-leading best

• Maximise uptime with exceptional support
to ensure your business operates without

• Fully utilise all capabilities of the Google Cloud product portfolio with guidance
from our experts.

Strengthen Posture


• Measure adoption of best practices to create a roadmap for continuous improvement.

• Optimise your configuration and operations to maintain cutting-edge practices.

• Benchmark your environment to identify opportunities to improve effectiveness.

Transform Operations


• Adopt proven strategies that minimise opportunities for downtime.

• Learn how to strengthen your environment and reduce manual tasks through our workshops and team enablement.

• Leverage integrations between products in your multivendor environment to improve efficiency.

Google Cloud + SecureIT
a Winning Combination.

We offer expert services to complement your Google Cloud solutions in order to maximise your ROI.

From deployment & management assistance for infrastructure, to product implementation & Installation support, to Consultation services for upgrades, migrations and optimisations for your configurations, SecureIT can do it all!

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We provide services and licenses for the whole range; from Google Cloud Platform support for installations, deployment and continuous integration, and long-term management, to Google Workspace, we can take you from product to purchase, to putting it in action. SITC provides the services, products, and support that you need.

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