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Google Cloud Services

11 Apr 2023

Google Cloud Services

With 150+ cutting-edge services available on Google Cloud, it can be difficult to identify which specific services you’re looking to utilise in your ascension to the cloud. Luckily, Secure IT Consult is an expert in all things Google Cloud and we can provide you with a Google Cloud Services breakdown that will help you better understand what there is on offer.

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Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud Compute

Create and run customisable Virtual Machines (VMs) with Compute Engine. Utilise Tau VMs for scale-out workloads, offering 42% better price performance against comparable cloud offerings. With Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Run, automatically deploy, scale, and manage containers.

With Google Cloud Kubernetes you can put your containers on autopilot, eliminating the management headache of nodes or capacity, and reduce your cluster costs – with little operations expertise necessary. GKE’s autopilot mode offers hands-off fully managed platform and management of your underlying compute infrastructure while still providing a complete Kubernetes experience.

Google Cloud Storage

Store any type of data, any amount and retrieve it as often as you’d like with object storage. Transfer data with on-and-offline transfer solutions such as Storage Transfer Service (STF) or Transfer Appliance. Utilise fully integrated Persistent Disk block storage with products such as Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine.

Google Cloud AI & Machine Learning

Build generative AI Applications responsibly and quickly – powered by Google’s advanced technologies. Improve customer service with virtual agents from Contact Centre AI and conversational AI solutions such as speech-to-text. Utilise Vertex AI to build, deploy and scale more effective AI models through this unified machine learning platform.

Google Cloud Databasing

Develop rich applications using fully managed, scalable and serverless document databases. Simplify migrations to CloudSQL from MySQL and PostgreSQL with the Database Migration Service, while reducing maintenance costs with fully managed MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases.

Google Cloud Data Analytics

Run analytics at scale with Total Cost of Ownership savings – three year average decreases of 26%-34% when using BigQuery over comparable Cloud data warehouse alternatives. Ingest, process and analyse event streams in real time to make data more useful, and utilise Looker and Google Cloud to reveal the true power and clarity of your data in every situation.

Google Cloud Networking

Help protect your applications and websites against DoS and web attacks with Cloud Armour. Quickly (and Securely!) scale web & video content delivery with the Cloud CDN, and explore hybrid connectivity options including solutions such as Google Cloud VPN and Peering, with expert support available for enterprise solutions.

Google Cloud Developer Tools

Wield developer tools like Cloud Code to write, debug and run cloud-native applications locally or in the cloud with speed and precision. Continuously build, test and deploy software across languages and environments through Cloud Build, or try product sandboxes and tutorials of services such as Anthos, GKE and Cloud Run FREE with your google account.


A deeper look at Google Cloud Services

Now that we’ve covered what is available, we can get into the meat – the in-depth look at what you can use on Google Cloud.

Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Get access to enterprise-ready containerised solutions with prebuilt templates ready for deployment featuring portability and simplified licensing – not just container images, but open-source google-built and commercial applications to increase developer productivity available from the google cloud marketplace.

With Google Cloud Kubernetes you can put your containers on autopilot, eliminating the management headache of nodes or capacity, and reduce your cluster costs – with little operations expertise necessary. GKE’s autopilot mode offers hands-off fully managed platform and management of your underlying compute infrastructure while still providing a complete Kubernetes experience.

Google Cloud Storage

Automatic storage class transitions with features like Object Lifecycle Management (OLM) and Autoclass you can easily optimise costs with object placement across storage classes. You can enable policy-based automated object movement to colder storage classes, without early deletion, retrieval or class transition charges for object access.

Google Cloud Storage allows for continental-scale and SLA-backed replication, with dual-region buckets that can support an expansive number of regions. A single, continental-scale bucket offers 9 regions across 3 continents, providing a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of ZERO. In the event of an outage, applications can seamlessly access the alternate region data, no failover and failback process. If your organisation requires ultra availability, turbo replication with dual-region buckets offers a 15-MINUTE Recovery Point Objective (RPO) SLA!

Storage Transfer Service offers a highly performant online pathway to Google Cloud Storage – with the combined scalability and speed you need to simplify the data transfer process. Transfer Appliance (for offline data) is a shippable storage server that sits in the datacentre before moving to the ingest location, where data is then uploaded to Google Cloud Storage.

Google Cloud Storage offers secure-by-design features to protect your data, with advanced controls and capabilities to keep your data private and prevent leaks or compromises, such as access control policy, encryption, retention policies, retention policy locks and signed URLs.

Google Cloud Storage Python client allows for the supported use of Python 3.7 or later, with virtualenv to install the library, possibly allowing the installation of the library without clashing with installed system dependencies. The Google Cloud Storage Python client does not support the use of versions 3.6 or older, so if you are using an end-of-life version of Python it is recommended that you update ASAP to an actively supported version for use of the Google Cloud Storage Python client.

Google Cloud Security

Google Cloud Security involves a variety of services from Google Cloud Data Security access controls and data encryption to Google Cloud VPN and peering services.

The Google Cloud VPN securely connects your peer network to your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network through an IPsec VPN connection. Traffic travelling between networks & gateways through the Google Cloud VPN service is encrypted by one gateway and decrypted by the other. To determine whether to utilise the Google Cloud VPN, Dedicated Interconnect or Cloud Router you must ensure you choose the correct network connectivity product.

Google Cloud VPN offers two types of gateway; HA VPN and Classic VPN, although certain classic VPN functionality is now deprecated.

HA VPN, or High Availability is a solution that lets you securely connect on-prem networks to your VPC network through an IPsec VPN connection in a single region, with an SLA of 99.99% service availability.

Google Cloud AI

Utilise the Vertex AI unified machine learning platform, which will help build, deploy and scale more effective AI models. Accelerate data prep and scale data as well as training and experimentation of Google Cloud AI models and deploy.

Use the Vertex AI Workbench as a single development environment for the entire data science workflow, for rapid prototyping and model development, and deploying Google Cloud AI solutions on Vertex with minimal transition.

Google Cloud AI also offers AutoML to train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimal effort and machine learning expertise. Build custom machine learning models in minutes, and train models specific to your business needs.

Google Cloud AI is considered a leader in the Forrester Wave™ – Google was listed as a leader in AI Infrastructure Q4 2021.

There is a wealth of resources available for your Google Cloud Projects that allows you to take the entirety of your on-premises infrastructure, move it to the cloud and never worry about the maintenance, upkeep, or management of your IT resources again. Cut your long-term IT costs to a fraction with the Google Cloud Platform – and with Secure IT Consult to take you there!

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