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Overcoming the Barriers to Innovation

6 May 2024

Overcome the Barriers to Innovation!

As your organization pursues growth and innovation, it’s up to you and your team to keep the business secure. In the past, adding new tools to keep up with each new threat may have been enough. But that’s when the organization was contained. Today, users work from anywhere, applications are moving to the cloud, and most connected devices are unmanaged and invisible to security teams. Existing infrastructure and internal resources can no longer keep up.

How to overcome the barriers to innovation, with Palo Alto Networks & Secure IT Consult.

Continuously adding tools leads to the kind of complexity that makes securing the entire organization much more difficult. It’s also an invitation for increasingly sophisticated attackers to find new ways in through unforeseen security gaps and errors. In the end, your organization could take on financial and reputational damage, while you and your staff face longer hours, more stress and burnout trying to deal with it all. Legacy network security can’t keep up. You must enable your business to grow and innovate. Responding with point products won’t get you there. Instead, you need a long-term strategic security architecture. But a few challenges can stand in the way. Let’s explore how you can overcome them.

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