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Palo Alto Cortex

14 Oct 2022

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM has been announced for general availability, the latest in Palo Alto Networks Security!

Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM – Cybersecurity, automated.

Cortex XSIAM harnesses the power of Machine Intelligence and Automation to radically improve security outcomes and transforms the SecOps model. From enterprise to cloud, Cortex XSIAM centralises, automates, and scales security operations.

With cyberattack figures continuing to rise, and halting attacks as difficult as ever, we see the needs of the SOC have evolved beyond SIEM, but the designs have not. The human analysis at the centre of the manual SOC model can no longer keep up with the sheer volume of alerts, and threats are missed – upwards of 70% of SOC teams report KPI’s being missed, with dwell times skyrocketing and investigation times stretching. An automation-led SOC handles the bulk, freeing up analysts for urgent, high-impact incidents while the platform autopilots low-risk situations to safe outcomes, learning while it goes.

After the XSIAM Design Partner Program earlier in the year, Palo Alto Networks has now announced the general availability of Cortex XSIAM; a breakthrough platform for autonomous security, powering modern Secure Operations Centre’s (SOC) and fundamentally changing the way security operations use data, analytics, and automation functions across the industry.

​Saviour of the SOC

Design partners spanning logistics, technology, public sectors and healthcare facing common challenges including overwhelming alert volumes and false positive alarms combined with a lack of visibility and excessive manual overhead and analyst burnout took part in the program showcasing the new capabilities of PANW’s new platform, which provided threat detection in an average of 10 SECONDS, and responding to high priority threats in ONE MINUTE, with up to an 80% REDUCTION IN ALERTS that need SOC Analysts to analyse.

The feedback has been strong, with consistent reports of fewer incidents and false positives, as well as improved visibility and reduced response times, XSIAM is already helping address and resolve threats in a timelier manner and more efficiently.

XSIAM combines multiple capabilities into one unified ecosystem, and provides the engine for the autonomous SOC. By design, Cortex XSIAM operates across enterprise security and cloud security operations providing end-to-end threat management, with the capacity to collect and integrate cloud-native system telemetry.

While ‘born in the cloud’ organisations benefit from the scale and automation of XSIAM and ease of integration, legacy deployments can seamlessly transition to XSIAM as the next-gen autonomous SOC platform. Click here for the full solution brief.

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