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Securing Cloud Native Applications using the OWASP guide

6 May 2024

Securing Cloud Native Applications Using the OWASP Cloud-Native Application Security Top 10 Guide

Modern cloud native applications provide critical functionality to various business processes. The number of web applications is increasing, and APIs exposed to the internet are growing exponentially. Today’s enterprises continue to move to the cloud and take advantage of emerging cloud native architectures. The Palo Alto Networks 2022 State of Cloud Native Security Report found that organizations expected to host 68% of their workloads in the cloud within two years. On top of that, by 2023, over 500 million apps were developed using cloud native approaches.

The Introduction

Cloud native applications offer a fundamentally new and exciting approach to designing and building software. However, they also raise a completely new set of security challenges. For example, when you move to a microservice model, end-to-end visibility, monitoring, and detection become more complex and difficult to execute. Cloud native application security is a modern approach to securing modern applications throughout the application lifecycle at scale. This guide provides information about what the most prominent security risks are for cloud native applications, the challenges involved, and how to overcome them. In addition, it will detail how the Palo Alto Networks Web Application and API Security solution delivered as a part of the Prisma Cloud platform can help your organization implement protection against the OWASP Cloud-Native Application Security Top 10 guide.

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