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Supply Chains in the Crosshairs

6 May 2024

Supply Chains in the Crosshairs: Five Ways to Help Defend Against the Next Big Cyberattack

If You Think You’ve Seen the Last of the SolarWinds-Type Attack, think again! Organizations worldwide have found themselves victims of multiple high-profile attacks, including Microsoft Exchange Server exploits, Kaseya VSA ransomware attacks, and countless other ransomware attacks. With cryptocurrencies at record prices, threat actors like REvil (implicated in the Kaseya VSA attack) are emboldened to launch ransomware campaigns to attack and infect a broader range of secondary targets. A continuous string of headline-generating cyberattacks suggest that organizations need to do everything they can to safeguard their networks sooner rather than later.

The threats you face.

As a result of digital transformations, we’ve seen companies embrace countless technology and software vendors, building out their supply chain to increase productivity and leverage emerging technologies to support their growth and gain efficiency at scale. Threat actors are increasingly targeting the software supply chain to exploit the trust companies have in their vendors and software providers because they have access to the enterprise network. With this access, attacks can even include compromising a vendor’s digital certificate signing process to bypass the victim’s defences.

The threat of a software supply chain attack is compounded by the current challenges faced by security teams, including an endless stream of disjointed, unconnected security alerts that lack the necessary context needed to determine what action to take. It is imperative that companies adopt detection and response tools with integrated machine-learning capabilities to be able to carefully watch for malicious
behaviour, regardless of whether the source is from a signed or trusted supplier. Furthermore, implementing a Zero Trust framework to inform an organization’s network architecture can help successfully migrate from traditional perimeter-based security models to one based on a continual verification of trust.

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