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Top 10 Ways to Automate the SOC

6 May 2024

Top 10 Ways to Automate the SOC

Are you spending too much time and effort on all of those “little tasks” in a SOC that can take hours out of your day? Automating these repetitive, low-skill activities can free up valuable time so you can focus on the critical threats, and proactively refine your defences against the next attack. More importantly, automation can help in processing incidents and speeding response where time to react is of the essence.

Palo Alto Networks & Secure IT Consult can provide the ultimate SOC automation.

• Accelerate incident response: By replacing low-level manual tasks with corresponding automations, security automation can shave off large chunks from incident response times while also improving accuracy and analyst satisfaction.
• Standardize and scale processes: Through stepwise, replicable workflows, security automation can help standardize incident enrichment and response processes that increase the baseline quality of response and is primed for scale.
• Unify security infrastructures: A SOAR platform like Cortex XSOAR can act as a connective fabric that runs through hitherto disparate security products, providing analysts with a central console from which to action incident response.
• Increase analyst productivity: Since low-level tasks are automated, and processes are standardized, analysts can spend their time in more important decision-making and charting future security improvements rather than getting mired in grunt work.
• Leverage existing investments: By automating repeatable actions and minimizing console switching, security orchestration enables teams to coordinate among multiple products easily and extract more value out of existing security investments.
• Streamline incident handling: By applying automation to incident ticket management via integrations with key ITSM vendors such as ServiceNow, Jira, and Remedy, as well as communication tools such as Slack, security teams can speed incident handling and closure. Incidents can also be distributed automatically to the respective stakeholders based on predefined incident types.
• Improve overall security posture: The sum of all aforementioned benefits is an overall improvement of the organization’s security posture and a corresponding reduction in security and business risk.

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