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Trend Micro Cloud One

17 Jan 2023

Trend Micro Cloud One

What is Trend Micro Cloud One?

Trend Micro Cloud One™ is a security services platform, made for the cloud.

Save time, and gain visibility – with automated deployment and discovery leading to operational efficiencies and accelerated, streamlined compliance.

Builder’s Choice – You choose the platform, the cloud, and the tools to position however you want and deploy whichever way you need, and Trend Micro can leverage a broad selection of integrations and APIs in order to seamlessly fit into your line-up. Trend Micro Cloud One has the capability to meet and manage your now-and-future Cloud security needs with depth, breadth and innovation in cloud-native security functionalities that’s ever-evolving, with no impact on access or experience.

Integrating perfectly – Trend Micro Cloud One AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud tools, allowing for automated discovery and protection of cloud environments whilst offering network-layer security, Trend Micro Cloud One provides simplicity and flexibility in securing your cloud, at every scale. Trend Micro Cloud One features several standalone security offerings rolled into one simple platform for simplicity and visibility. You aren’t just getting a singular tool for small-scale security, this is enterprise-grade.

Trend Micro


Customer’s environments and infrastructures are not standardised, they tend to be a mix and match of server types, datacentres, and newer services such as serverless functions or applications & containers. Many customers also use multi and/or hybrid cloud strategies to meet their business objectives. Trend Micro offers a leading security solution for all of these customer scenarios across the entire environment, in one powerful solution.


All-in-one solution to meet the needs of your security and cloud teams alike with Cloud Native Application Protection Platform capabilities that provide connected protection throughout the cloud environment. Cloud One delivers the likes of application security, from commit to runtime across all major providers, whilst integrating with your organisations existing DevOps & Cloud tools.

Automate the discovery and protection of public, private, and virtual cloud environments while protecting the network layer. This provides flexibility and simplicity in securing your cloud throughout the migration and expansion process. Gain increased visibility and consistent security throughout your hybrid cloud environments, with the most security controls and integrations within your existing toolsets.

With modern development practices and technologies, like CI/CD, containers, and serverless, you need cloud-native application security with connected protection throughout your application’s lifecycle and assurance that your cloud services meet security best practices while letting your developers develop. Build and run applications your way with integrated security – understand and address application risk.


Trend Micro Cloud One provides automated protection for your applications, which can be built into your CI/CD pipeline. Identify and resolve security issues sooner, as well as improve delivery time for DevOps teams. Simply set it and forget it and focus on what you do best building great applications.


Delivers cloud-native security optimised to protect and scale across environments, baking security into your CI/CD pipeline. Build secure, ship fast, and run anywhere with automated security for your containers from the software-build pipeline to runtime, with container image scanning, as well as protection for your Kubernetes, and Docker platform.


Provides protection for your serverless applications against exploits, which can harm your systems, data, and business. Built for speedy deployment, with minimal impact on development streams and performance, simply add to your app with two lines of code.

Data Centre

Enables the operational efficiency required to support your modern data centre. Integrating with the fabric of your physical and virtualised environments, delivers fewer agents and automatic discovery and deployment of security. What’s more, by consolidating security tools with a comprehensive set of capabilities, you can better detect, protect, and respond to vulnerabilities, malware, and unauthorised system changes.

Trend Micro Cloud One includes the following services:

  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – Workload Security:
    Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers).
  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – Container Image Security:
    Image scanning in your build pipeline
  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – File Storage Security:
    Security for cloud file and object storage services
  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – Application Security:
    Security for serverless functions, APIs, and applications
  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – Network Security:
    Cloud network layer IPS security
  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – Conformity:
    Cloud security and compliance posture management
  • Trend Micro Cloud One ™ – Open-Source Security by Snyk:
    Visibility and monitoring of open-source vulnerabilities and license risks

Automatically evaluate how well your cloud services align to cloud configuration best practices and industry compliance standards. You can embrace a DevSecOps culture in your organisation by empowering your team to build better architecture and applications in the cloud while having the necessary guardrails to grow and scale your business safely and securely.

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