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Let SecureIT Consult’s Professional Services guide your journey and supplement critical gaps in your security team. Through our people, know-how, and technologies, we can make your business transformation possible, with security as an enabler.

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Trend Micro Cloud & Security

Secure IT Consult is proud to partner with Trend Micro as it has been the solution for many of our clients’ problems.

Another feature of Trend Micro is Strategic Alliances, what does it mean? you may wonder, let me explain it better.

Trend Micro partners with industry leaders that you can trust such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, VMware, this aspect make Trend Micro unique and reliable in the security industry.

The Alliance help clients to Simplify deployment, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize security and detect and prevent cybersecurity threats before is too late.

Services in Trend Micro are endless, they offer Hybrid cloud security, Network Security user protection, detection & response, application security, SAAS application and data centre security and so on.

We will guide you to overcome the working from home challenge by monitoring your employee devices with an all-in-one lightweight agent with an intuitive cloud-based console that gives you in-depth visibility and control across your entire organization.

Free Security Assessment

This service means giving you optimum security and maximum productivity for your PC or laptop.

Our engineers will:

  • Look through your system for vulnerabilities to all types of threats and apply the right settings to ensure robust security
  • Configure your antivirus and anti-spyware software settings, including browser components, firewall, and network settings
  • Apply the proper system settings to improve your security and identity protection, keeping your digital information secure
  • Verify and install the latest critical Microsoft Windows updates, Microsoft Office, and Java
  • Teach you about Parental Controls and the other features of your product

Let us help you to discover the solutions to your cybersecurity issues, manage your cost and automate IT tasks.


Architect and design a solution to meet your business needs and maximise protection


Deliver your enterprise protection with expert guidance and industry leading best practices



Adopt capabilities and functionalities to maximise control of your network



Automate processes and integrate advanced features to enable smooth operations and continuous optimisation

Make Security an Enabler for a change.


From your network and workloads to end user devices, Trend Micro Professional Services helps you harness the power of your next-gen security solutions. We enable transformation by maximising the power of your new and existing Trend Micro investments and ensuring the best possible security outcomes. From architecture and design to deployment and optimisation, our experts utilize best practices to build the trust in your people, capabilities, operations, and security outcomes that your organisation requires.

Accelerate Time to Value


• Align your architecture, implementation,
and operations with industry-leading best

• Maximize uptime with exceptional support
to ensure your business operates without

• Fully utilize all capabilities of the Trend Micro product portfolio with guidance
from experts.

Strengthen Security Posture


• Measure adoption of best practices to
create a roadmap for continuous improvement.

• Optimize your configuration and operations
to maintain cutting-edge security practices.

• Benchmark your security environment to
identify opportunities to improve security

Transform Operations


• Adopt proven strategies that minimize
opportunities for attack.

• Learn how to strengthen your security
and reduce manual tasks through our
workshops and team enablement.

• Leverage integrations between products
in your multivendor environment to
improve efficiency.

Trend Micro + SecureIT
a Winning Combination.

Trend Micro Authorized Training Centers provide superior training to Trend Micro customers, from novice users to seasoned professionals. Whether you are dealing with targeted attacks affecting business continuity or the evolving security issues related to BYOD and virtualization; the threat landscape is constantly transforming.

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We provide services and licenses for the whole range; from Cloud One™ support for installations, deployment and continuous integration, and long-term management, to Deep Discovery™ for your threat prevention and TippingPoint™ configurations, we can take you from product to purchase, to putting it in action. SecureIT Consult provides the services, products, and support that you need.

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