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What’s the next step for Next-Gen Antivirus

6 May 2024

What’s the next step for Next-Gen Antivirus?

The modern workforce has become a distributed workforce, requiring teams to rethink their approach to legacy endpoint security solutions that weren’t built to secure endpoints beyond the corporate network. The sudden surge of remote workers combined with the increased complexity of endpoint attacks signifies a clarion call for SecOps teams to move beyond a traditional, siloed approach that doesn’t provide the full telemetry needed for the visibility required for threat response. As a result, enterprise antivirus solutions need to be hardened to withstand the increase in attack sophistication and frequency.

Phishing Incident Response.

Attackers must complete a certain sequence of events known as the attack lifecycle to accomplish their objectives, whether stealing information or running ransomware. Nearly every attack relies on compromising an endpoint to succeed, and although most organizations have deployed endpoint protection, infections are still common. Many advanced attackers today blend two primary attack methods: targeting application vulnerabilities and deploying malicious files. These methods can be used individually or in various combinations, yet they are fundamentally different in nature:

• Exploits are the results of techniques designed to gain access through vulnerabilities in an operating system or application code.
• Malware is a file or code that infects, explores, steals, or conducts virtually any behaviour an attacker wants.
• Ransomware is a subset of malware that holds valuable files or data for ransom, often under encryption, with the attacker holding the decryption key.

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