Defend your business against cyber attacks

Strengthen your defences and the cyber bullies are unlikely to pick on your business. If they do, and your organisation is fully prepared, they won’t get far.

SecureIT Consult is here to help you build your cyber resilience, so your business can grow with confidence without the fear that hackers or scammers can ruin things.

Our cybersecurity experience is global and multi-sector

We’re ready to develop security strategies to support your digital transformation wherever your business is based and no matter what sector you operate in—Government, Manufacturing, and Financial Services included. We partner with top vendors of security services to ensure the latest tools, techniques, and technologies work hard to protect your most vital business assets.

Innovate to defeat the cyber attackers

Whether or not you’ve experienced a cyber attack, you’ll be aware of the huge cost these can have on businesses.

Cyber criminals are using increasingly advanced ways to steal data, access systems, or slip malware and ransomware through defences. The damage they can do to your finances and reputation could negatively alter the perception of your organisation long-term.

Innovation is the answer, and our cybersecurity consultants are well versed in the latest and most effective cybersecurity solutions.

Stay One Step Ahead

We know how hackers think and operate. It’s the knowledge that helps us predict and ultimately prevent their next move from damaging your business. We can stage real-world attacks to assess the robustness of your defences, highlight weaknesses, and ultimately fix them.

Digital Transformation And Risk

Any large-scale change project that entails the migration of legacy systems carries an element of risk. It’s the job of our cybersecurity consultants to manage and mitigate that risk, so your digital transformation happens smoothly.

Cybersecurity Strategy Design And Delivery

We’ll work closely with you to assess the levels of security your data, applications, and infrastructures currently have and are likely to need in the future. Our strategy will follow the findings, visualised in a roadmap that ensures security remains front of mind during every stage of your digital transformation journey.

Our 5-Pronged Approach To
Cyber Security Consulting Services

PREPARE for attacks of all kinds

PROTECT the vital elements of your business

DETECT the presence of malware and other cyber threats early

RESPOND swiftly to minimise the damage

RECOVER so life gets back to normal as quickly as possible

Our Cybersecurity Services

Network Security Solutions


Intrusion Prevention

Email Security

Security Architecture

Installation Services

EndPoint Security


Remote Working

Data Security

Data Loss Prevention

Content Security

Ransomware Prevention

Disaster Recovery

Rely On Us For Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions

Don’t wait for a cyber attack to happen before you take steps to strengthen your defences. Act now.

Cybersecurity Services

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I have worked with Ayaz and the Secure IT team for the past 5 years and can’t recommend them highly enough. They deliver world class Cloud Consulting and Professional Services.

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