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Your organisation has so much to gain from Google Cloud’s vast array of modern, scalable, internet-based solutions. Let us show you just how much.

We’ll power and empower your business

Google Cloud’s range of solutions can bring multiple benefits to your operations. Improving your IT infrastructure, modernising your applications, and streamlining your data management and analytics are just a few. There’s so much potential, the trick is finding what works best for you.

That’s where SecureIT Consult comes into the equation. We’re ready to plan, implement, and manage your IT infrastructure using Google Cloud services.

Full Project Lifecycle Google Cloud Expertise

Our engineers have specific Google Cloud Platform expertise and can skilfully manage all stages of your project.

Initial consultation



Services management

Our team is keen to share knowledge with your team. We can ensure Google Cloud’s best practice and the guiding principles that drive successful implementation become second nature to your people.

Everything with security centre stage

‘Secure’ is in our name and our DNA. It’s certain to be a top priority for your business too. So we ensure our Google Cloud Consulting services place critical importance on security and compliance issues. That gives you the peace of mind of knowing your business is benefiting from a cloud that delivers robustness as well as the cost and efficiency savings you expect.

A business born in the age of the cloud

Here at SecureIT Consult, we’re cloud natives. Our business has been built around the cloud, and is designed to meet your Google Cloud needs speedily and securely. Put bluntly, we’re more agile and more cloud-focused than those long-in-the-tooth organisations who are likely to be slowly shifting their clunky operations to the cloud to try and keep up with changing times.

We’ll show you the best Google Cloud
solutions for your business

Your cloud needs will be unique, but your goal is likely to be the same as many other organisations—to take your business to the next level.  Here are some of the ways Google Cloud can help:

Google Cloud Storage

Migrating your storage to the cloud has multiple benefits, not least making applications and documents accessible from anywhere by anyone with security clearance. These solutions can also reduce the burden IT maintenance and staffing costs bring to bear on your bottom line. Our consultants can deliver a safe, secure, and strategically sound way to migrate your storage to the cloud. You can choose one, a few, or all of our Google Cloud consultancy services which cover:  Archiving, Data Upload, Analysis, Streaming & Hosting, Set-up, Ongoing management.

Google Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services have the power to increase efficiencies and reduce costs across your business. Our Google Cloud experts can make sense of the wealth of options available to you, so you get the hosted services that enable you to use the cloud for your computing needs. Our expertise covers:

We provide expert consultancy services for this open-source application that’s an auto deployment, scaling, and management tool

IaaS via Google Compute Engine
Draw on our expertise covering all aspects of this Infrastructure as a Service element of the Google Cloud platform

PaaS via Google App Engine
If you need to develop and host web apps, our consultants can show you the benefits of using this Platform as a Service tool

Google Cloud Networks

Rely on our consultants to develop strategies and deliver roadmaps to success that optimise the performance of your Google Cloud network for the best value for money.

Looking to deploy any aspect of Google Cloud? Partner with us...

Whether you’re seeking to migrate, get a better return on investment from your current cloud set-up, or expand your capabilities, we’re here to help plan, implement, and manage the process for you. Let’s get started.

Google Cloud Platform

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I have worked with Ayaz and the Secure IT team for the past 5 years and can’t recommend them highly enough. They deliver world class Cloud Consulting and Professional Services.

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